Leaf Houses

IMG_3872 IMG_3889 IMG_3891 IMG_3906e_new IMG_3961e_new IMG_3959e_new IMG_4016_new IMG_4009_new IMG_4069_new IMG_4061_new IMG_4048_new

Triangle Houses

IMG_3863 IMG_3870 IMG_3920e_new IMG_3948e_new IMG_3963e_new IMG_3938e_new Composite_new

Garden Fish

IMG_3902e_new IMG_3905e_new IMG_3904e_new IMG_3945e_new IMG_3958e_new IMG_3928e_new IMG_4014_new IMG_4005_new IMG_4026_new IMG_4053_new

Freeform Houses

IMG_3917e_new IMG_3912e_new IMG_3946e_new IMG_3941e_new IMG_4011_new IMG_4042_new IMG_4064_new


Pictures coming soon!

Contact us at for sales inquiries.

Wholesale Policy

We require a minimum order of $200 to qualify for wholesale pricing. Email us for a price list at Given the uniqueness of Raku it is often challenging to reproduce pieces as “like-for-like” replacements. Generally we suggest minimum orders of 5 of each piece (eg. 5 hosta leaves, 5 garden fish, etc of a similar shape and base glaze).


2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Heather – I talked to you Sat. in Haliburton and would like to know if you’ll be in the area of Minden in the next couple of months. Mary Lou

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