The Creative Process

All of the pieces at Place In Nature Studios are crafted by hand to be truly unique and “one-of-a-kind”. This ensures that every single piece is different from a design perspective. We have some repetition in the types of designs but they change often depending on the inspiration for the day. Additionally each piece is glazed differently and subject to the Raku firing process, which makes the appearance of each and every item unique as well.


Each piece is hand-built by first working the clay and then hand-rolling out “sheets” of clay. These sheets are cut into smaller pieces and used to form the initial form of the pieces. The next step is to allow the pieces to dry slightly to prepare for final tooling of additional designs on the surface. Once completely dry the next step is an initial firing in the kiln. Sometimes stains or under-glazes can be applied at this stage. Depending on the weather this part of the process takes 1 – 2 weeks to complete.

Bisque and Glaze

A bisque firing allows the clay particles to bond as moisture is drawn out of the clay and changes the state from a soft, leather-hard form of clay to a solid piece of pottery, but the work is no yet done! After this first firing the pieces are allowed to cool and typically a glaze is applied. Glazes at this stage are usually specially formulated to react in unique and exciting ways during the next stage of the process! A bisque firing takes 6 hrs to complete but you need to wait another 12hrs to let the pieces cool down! After this, 1-2 days allows for 2-3 coats of glaze to be applied to the near final pieces.

Raku Firing

This is the final and most exciting stage of the process. A Raku firing is much like a bisque, however instead of waiting for the pieces to cool you remove them from the kiln while they are glowing hot at 1800 F! They are then immersed in flammable material like straw for a re-oxidization and then quickly covered. The initial warm up of the kiln takes 6hrs but going from pieces at 1800 F to pieces that can be handled takes less than a hour! At this point the pieces are cleaned and ready for sale!

The journey for creating one of our pieces to be Placed In Nature takes us 2-3 weeks to produce and inventory is always changing so come visit us at one of the events we are attending this summer or contact us directly to see our inventory and price list!


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