Toad House Tips

Now that you have purchased your toad house its time to find a place that toads like so that you can fill your house with guests! Toads are a natural form of insect control – they can eat over 100 bugs a day! Instead of using insecticides, use toads to eat flies, beetles, ants, june bugs, mosquitos and more! Having a couple of resident toads will keep the bugs at bay and you and your garden happy for years to come!

To determine if toads are in your neighbourhood – just listen in the evenings for a 30 second trilling noise.

American toad Anaxyrus americanus

Our Toad Houses:

There are two toad species in Ontario: the Fowler’s Toad and the American Toad. The Fowler’s Toad is a threatened species in Ontario so you are unlikely to find them in your garden. The American Toad is much more common and can be found all across Ontario, even in your backyard! The American Toad ranges in size from 5-9cm in length, with most fully grown adults averaging out at 7.5cm. Our toad houses have been designed with openings to accommodate this range of sizes. Some of our bigger toad houses have openings up to 10-15cm wide to accommodate those “larger waisted” toads. Some of our toad houses have two entrances to provide a means of escape if they get cornered by predators looking for a tasty treat!

You’ll notice that the underside of our toads houses are different from the beautiful glazed upper surface. This allows moisture to be absorbed by the clay body to create a moist environment. The black bottom keeps the house dark and cool, which the toads like!

Tips for Placing your Toad House:

1. Dig in the dirt! You’ll notice that there is no bottom to the toad houses – this is to allow toads to bury into the ground while staying as a guest in your house! Be sure to loosen up the dirt underneath the house to encourage to toads to arrive!
2. Pick a spot that is shaded and near a shallow source of water that a toad can get too. They like to lie in the water to rehydrate their bodies!
3. Keep your toad house secluded and away from pets and people. They like their peace and quiet too!
4. Place a source of light near them like a solar light to attract insects at night – their prime feeding time!
5. A rock garden or a backyard pond is a great place for toads and insects to co-exist!
6. Keep insecticides and pesticides away from toads. They absorb chemicals through their skin – don’t poison your guests!
7. Bring your toad house inside during the winter. Toads hibernate in the ground so they don’t need a house over the winter and this will prevent your toad house from freezing and getting damaged.

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